Integrated Flight School Management and Aircraft Maintenance Software.

What is it?

ASA Flight School is an intelligent flight school software suite that gives you the ability to control all aspects of a flight school from booking aircraft, scheduling instructors, logging students' flights, theory training courses, aircraft maintenance management and actually performing the main- tenance in the MRO.

ASA Flight School has been designed from the bottom up to be user oriented and simple to use. You are in complete control, just like when flying your aircraft.

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ASA Flight School has been designed to look and feel similar to the Windows interface, ensuring a fast and effecient learning period for everyone.
Every menu, list and overview has been specifical- ly designed with usability in mind.


ASA Flight School is easy to setup and learn how to use. It's no wonder 85% of our customers are up and running within a day. This is in part due to our pre-configured software and the simple interface that has been developed with usability as the primary focus.

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ASA Flight School isn't just for desktop computers and laptops, it is also compatible with tablets and mobile devices. This makes working in the “field” much easier, since you don't need to run back and forth all the time.