General Aviation Maintenance Software for PART-M Light.

Our Solution

SAM Light has been designed specifically for the General Aviation market, giving aircraft owners the ability to fully utilize all the benefits of the new Part-ML regulation. It incorporates the most popular and valuable features from our award-winning SAM Aviation Maintenance Soft- ware, but at a fraction of the price.

Using SAM Light, GA aircraft owners have the ability to completely avoid using CAMOs for their maintenance management, increasing the flexibility and affordability of owning an airplane considerably.

ASA light 1.png


SAM Light has been designed to look and feel similar to the Windows interface, ensuring a fast and effecient learning period for everyone. Every menu, list and overview has been specifically designed with usability in mind.


SAM Light makes it easy to submit your aircraft maintenance program (AMP) and aircraft status list to the relevant authorities. The workpack, comprising of job cards and attachments, is also easily sent to your maintenance shop.

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ASA light 3.png


SAM Light isn’t just for desktop computers and laptops, it is also compatible with tablets and mobile devices. This makes working on the floor much easier, since you don’t need to run back and forth between your computer and aircraft.